Part 2: The Vendor Booth Build

We are so very excited, our application was accepted as a vendor at Houston's Maker's Faire. With that we now need to build it!  Lets get started with the supplies: Qty 2 Shelves 6 foot 10" X 1" Qty 5 copper tube 1/2' OD 10 ft in length Qty 10- T fittings 1/2" Qty 8... Continue Reading →

3D Printing 101: Build Plates and Other Build Surfaces

We’ve used a variety of build plates and surfaces with our Craftbot and Raise3D N2 printers including: Buildtak on glass, the FLEKS3D build plate, and the Zebra Plate by PrintinZ. As mentioned before, we primarily use PLA, so keep that in mind when reading this post. Our friend and fellow blogger Michael has experience with... Continue Reading →

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